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Post  Sean Martinez on Thu Jun 23, 2011 3:55 pm

IGN/Key:Sean Martinez/Naruto-Utchiha
What Can You Do:Well i'm a pretty decent coder, I'm begining to learn how to icon, and I'm trying to get back into hosting(just incase you need a back up for what ever reason), and I can help tons of players and be on through the night.
How Can You Benefit NUF:Well I can be a staff member online at night when no other staff is on, and I can help with Coding, or hosting when I need to.
Previous Work:I am currently Co-Main Owner of Bleach Unforgiven Sins, and Main Owner of Bleach Final Chapter.
Previous Experience:Well I am Co-Main Owner of Bleach Unforgiven Sins, Main Owner of Bleach Final Chapter, Co-Owner on Naruto TG, GM on Naruto The Last Battle 2.0, GM on Bleach Kurokaji 2, Co Owner on Bleach Rise Of The Espada, Co Owner on Bleach SoulSociety Rivals, Co-Owner on Naruto Light Of Shadows, and there are others but I dont wanna over do it with games.
GM Position Wanted:Any position really.
Why You Want It:To help, code for(someday), and to make sure there is someone with staff online when the others aren't.

Thanks for your time.

-Sean Martinez

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