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Zekes gm App.

Post  Zeke Asakura on Sun Jun 12, 2011 4:16 pm

Byond Key: Zeke the spirit of fire

Game username: Zeke Asakura


Why Do you wish to be a gm: I wish to be a gm because i like the game, its not like all those other boring naruto rips and the people are nice. also i like helping people. I can be on whenever i can mostly since its summer time at leaset 4 times a week or so......

What do you like about the game: What i like about the game is the diffrence between it and the other naruto games. it has a better map, better moves, nice gm's, nice owners, and alot of alright advantages for even low level players that make the game fair to them.

What can you contribute to the game: What i can contribute is well....helping enforce i t. i would say hoosting it but you already have plenty of hosters, and i can only host certain games anyway...

What games have you been a gm on: i have been a gm on Bleach, Bleach shinigami redemption, bleach lost souls, bleach setzoku ryuuki, naruto supreme shadows, naruto ominous shadows, and naruto battle of two legends.

What games have you been an owner of: I am the owner of Bleach the blades of fate, Nartuo the final ninja war, and naruto bonds of fate.

Is there anything else that you want us to know: i am zeke asakura.........and dont play with fire...

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