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GM Application

Post  Admin on Sat Jun 11, 2011 6:03 pm

What Can You Do:
How Can You Benefit NUF:
Previous Work:
Previous Experience:
GM Position Wanted:
Why You Want It:
Email Address:

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GM app by Dantes

Post  Dantess on Thu Jun 16, 2011 5:42 pm

IGN/Key: Dantes / Hiruchi94

What Can You Do: i can icon a little and im learning to code other than that i can help the player and watch over the game

How Can You Benefit NUF: well i life in Holland so most of the time when i get on no other Gm's are there because of the different timezone so i can look over the game when the other GM's arent there i can help players who are online at that time

Previous Work: Kage, GM

Previous Experience: ive been co-owner on game of Delane1879 and Krimkiller and also on NKV

GM Position Wanted: co-owner would be great but admin is oke maybe higher maybe not depends on what you think would be a good position for me

Why You Want It: so i can help players and look over the server i dont really need to be GM but it would give me a better chance of helping other players

Email Address: id rather not put it on here if u need my e mail ill say it to you


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Kenshin himura Gm application

Post  Kenshin himura on Fri Jun 17, 2011 8:02 am

IGN/Key:Kenshin himura/Sage naruto

What Can You Do: i can keep a watch on the game asnwer any qestion players have help the game get and keep players and also soon i will be able to host so i can host the game if it goes down and over all i think i can make the game fuuner for the players
How Can You Benefit NUF: ican benfit nuf by helppin ghte game more popluar geeting the game steday fow of players and also i can leep plaer sby tretain gthme nice helping htme when thye need and make sure all rules are followed andassaid before i will be able ot host very soon

Previous Work: i was co owner of Naruto destryoed chaos

Previous Experience: i was co owener of naruto deystroed chaos

GM Position Wanted: any postion as long as i can help players and the game

Why You Want It: i want to be gm becaus ei wan tot be able to actually help other player and keep the game alive for a long i know i dont that munch exp when it comes to being gm but im willing to lera beacuas ive played games wer the gms didnt care an would ignore players thta need help and i want to have a chance to make players feel welcome to come ack otlet player sknow that if they need me help will be there


Kenshin himura

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Re: GM Application

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