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..::Key Note's::.. gm app

Post  ..::Key Note::.. on Sat Jul 02, 2011 5:29 pm

..::Key Note::.. for GM

Q1: Am I experienced as a gm?
A1: I am very experienced I have been gm on many Naruto games mostly Enforcer and some Admin! I have always been known to follow the rules and keep peace while im a GM thus, is why ive never been fired and always been a good choice for GM spots!

Q2: What can I contribute to the game?
A2: I have skills as a iconner and have about 26 naruto clans and some arent in any games yet; Such as the Hayate clan that I wanted to bring back! I have Kabuto medic with Impure ressurection, naruto with all rasengan, jiraya with sage mode and Elder frogs, All the Sharingans; from sasuke to danzo and Garra with Subbaku Taiso thats no the crappy heki icon you see in most games!

Q3: What sets me over the top of other people applying?
Q3: Im always on and can be on w/e time, I can help the game in updates and do more then just enforce rules and moderate! Also, from my application you can tell im very organized with my work! I think that im the right guy for this job!

Thank You for your time and I hope I get the Job Smile

..::Key Note::..

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GM app by Shosen Key:Shosen369

Post  Shosen369 on Fri Jul 08, 2011 11:43 pm

Im good for GM because i am not mean to people. im good at playing Naruto Unfrogotten fantasy.Im Cool. im not going to abuse my powers. ill help with anything. im good at Finding cool pictures. I like monkey's. im not discusting.im good at hosting and teamwork.Hope you pick me for GM. santa ps:Heres a picture that i founed http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif?o=100

Email: vmelijah@yahoo.com

By: Shosen

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