Drigger's GM Application

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Drigger's GM Application

Post  Drigger on Sat Jul 02, 2011 5:12 pm


What Can You Do: Host & Icon.

Previous Experience:I have alot of exp. I have been GM & Co on many games.Games I've been staff on:Naruto, DBZ, & Bleach Anime Showdown ; BUS Revised ; Naruto Kyuubi's Vengance ; Naruto Madara's Quest; Ninja Rebirth The Perfect Soldier ; Naruto Hebi Takeover; & many more.
GM Position Wanted:Admin/GM

Why You Want It: I want GM cause i like helping out games . When other GMs are not on i will be.I know how to handle unnesscary stuff.I like enforcing rules.

Extra Info: I can be a back up host if ya want.

Email Address:gregpierre123@yahoo.com

Well thats all I have to say.Thank you for your time
Sincerly, Drigger


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