Reimu Maruyama's Application

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Reimu Maruyama's Application

Post  Reimu Maruyama on Thu Jun 23, 2011 2:06 am

Hi, again Mecc!!!!

Here are some things i did for former friends games. I was a enforcer, players affairs (to help players not to bug coders and others that actually work) I was an overseer of the server at night. and i also ran a game and was owner on two. Im a very fair person, I don't abuse ever hell i dont even edit myself or disrespect (unless i have an person trying to troll me) Im very calm and i have alot of friends
How Can You help your game you ask? Well i always seem to attract new faces im a go geter. i told minato today i used homing in a tourney when they said i won why because im honest and honesty always helps.
places on byond i worked? you say. I work for Naruto darkest hour. Naruto The Last Battle 2.0. My own game twice. Bleach Unforgiven sins about four times.

a GM spot to pick? Well i will leave that up to you since its your game and you know what you need and i dont so i cant come and write some expecting you need that so what ever you need i can try to complete the task i am very serious when it come to gming
Reimu Maruyama
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