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Post  Ciel Phantomhive on Sat Jun 18, 2011 11:59 am

Key:Itachi Slayer

IGN:Ciel Phantomhive,Sebastian Michaelis,Gama Kurogane and if we wipe Kaname Kuran Razz

Why want GM: Not gonna BS like most ppl and lie just to get Gm and then abuse truth is idk i just want Gm just to have it its like a hobby but i do make good on my promises and i will help and be on regularly

Position Want: Idc start me at enforcer,Trial,Idc i will work for my position I Will help out

Exp: I have a good bit of exp and i own a good amount of am owner on most of the games i favorited by starting out as gm you can Check my site out and look at them. I honestly dont rememebr many games i can name some like Naruto Madaras Quest,NBOTLS, Bleach Wars of Espada, Bleach Forgotten Memories,Super Megaman Versus,Naruto Rise of The Jubi,Naruto Era of Tobi, and more.

Extra Info: can help with hubs Forums and other crap when im not lazy Razz and i can usually be on from whenever i wake up to end of day depends if i want to go somewhere that day or not. Also if i wanna sleep or go play football or Razz.Also you can reach me at my email i use for byond business

Welp Guess thats all
Sincerely,Earl Ciel Phantomhive

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